By - 06/06/24

What The Client Wanted:

A recently completed project in Iron Action, near Yate, demonstrates the impressive capabilities of the Wilsons Builders team. The client sought a home renovation that included a half single-storey and half double-storey rear extension. With such a significant transformation planned, the team had a substantial task ahead. After the client approved the detailed designs, the team commenced work.

Project Overview:

The project began with the team using man and digger hire services to plot the foundation for the extension. Once the land was ready, the team built the framework for the extensions. The renovation then progressed with the installation of a flat roof lantern in the single-storey extension and double Velux windows in the double-storey extension. These installations created a space filled with natural light, giving the new area a bright and airy feel. To finish the single-storey extension, bi-fold doors were installed, opening onto beautifully landscaped areas with lovely porcelain white Italian tiles. Additionally, new tile floors were laid throughout the extension, featuring a stunning new kitchen.

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